Pavement Lights

Welcome To UK Pavement Light Manufacturing Limited

With a dedicated team of creative designers of cast iron products like pavement lights, our proud UK company can help create your bespoke pavement light to fit any urban landscape or to suit any type of building floor! If you need a spectacular illuminated glass block cast iron project for your wall of a floor, then we can provide a free consultation for you to provide a no-nonsense fully comprehensive quotation.

A pavement or structural feature can add a distinct visual appeal to the outside, as well as added light, ventilation, access and safety to underground areas. We design our constructions to be visually appealing as well as safe and durable. Our portfolio page shows some of our recent work, with beautiful examples of how pavement lights and hatches can enhance any building front or entrance area.

Pavement Light Suppliers

A variety of pavement lights can be supplied and installed, including those made from reinforced concrete and cast iron. Our panels can be cast in situ or presented in a precast form. Each light complies with the space in which it is to be installed. Each supports glass blocks and is absolutely heavy-duty and safe. Glass available in clear as well as sandblasted textures, they are aesthetically superior and of high utilitarian value. We also offer S Type and SG Type finishes on the panels.

UK Pavement Light Manufacturing Limited are specialists in:

  • New Pavement lights
  • Reseal/repairs on existing pavement lights
  • Glass Block walls
  • Floor Lights/roof lights
  • Pavement Fitting
  • Fire Escape Hatches
  • Repairs
  • Cellar Entrance Flaps

The pictures below represent some of our recent projects.

Victorian Style Cast Iron Pavement Lights

We are also designers and manufacturers of a more traditional type of pavement light in a Victorian style and we specialise in making bespoke, handmade and truly original castings of pavement lights!

We combine our manufacturing skills, honed over the last few decades along with our expert and vast knowledge to offer every customer a totally bespoke service. With our speciality is making cast iron pavement light products in both a traditional style and modern finish, it helps us to be the foremost manufacturer of these products and our original designs are the envy of the competition!