Fire Escape Hatches – Manufacture & Installation

We, at UK Pavement Light Manufacture Limited, are experts in designing, building and installing fire escape hatches and systems in domestic, industrial or commercial properties! With decades of experience, we can manufacture you a bespoke fire escape hatch for your home or business.

All hatches are made from top-quality steel and manufactured to last! Our dedicated team will design you a quality fire escape system and all hatches come with a guarantee. Our technicians will fit your fire hatch in super quick time and in any scenario or location!

Our fire escape hatches!

fire escape hatch

Manufactured to comply with building regulations, our fire escape hatches come with gas support struts and spring-loaded security bolts of standard grade.

They are available as a single or double leaf and can be installed as per left or right-hand opening provision. The products also come with steel staircases attached to handrails.

The hatches can be availed as glazed concrete with glass lenses, or plain concrete, or even the much-coveted durbar finish.UK Pavement Light Manufacture Limited also offers maintenance services for the same.

Our fire escape hatches are manufactured to the highest of specifications, in mild steel and/or stainless steel. Rainwater gutters can be integrated and a drainage downpipe is supplied and fitted by our highly trained team!

With our escape hatch design, the leaf is fitted between concrete slots and is finished with a special patented non-slip surface that is usable throughout the year.

With a secure easy to release catch our fire escape and access hatches are fully fitted and designed with a quick and easy opening in mind. The access hatch can be designed on a bespoke basis for you and can be manufactured so that it either opens inwards or outwards, depending on your specifications and preference.

Escape hatches can be manufactured in a multitude of different sizes depending on its site location and client requirements.

Fire Escape Ladders

We can also supply and fit fire escape ladders, designed and constructed in mild steel with plate treads, manufactured with safety in mind and fitted with secure handrails on any part of the ladder system. They can be fitted in many types of surroundings and our expert engineers can install a bespoke fire escape ladder to suit your particular needs.


It’s always important to have a safe fire escape system in place at your place of business or even a domestic setting in certain circumstances, especially in areas with highly dense populations like large inner cities. It’s also important that any fire escape is built to British building regulation and fire standards.