Smoke Outlet Panels

In many cities throughout the UK, property space is at a premium which has resulted in home and business owners to expand into the roof space or in recent times to open up basement areas. This has lead to homes with basements being very highly sought after on both a domestic and commercial level! With this in mind, Smoke Outlet Panels have become a much needed and popular part of the infostructure of basement doors and is now vital so that you meet all the UK Fire Regulations and Health & Safety requirements.

UK Smoke Outlet Panel Company!

smoke outlet panels

We specialise in the provision of Smoke Outlet Panels. Each design is bespoke and our installation service is exceptionally experienced, making sure that we sympathise with of existing surroundings, and supplying you with Smoke Outlet Panels that not only seamlessly blend in with their environment but additionally, compliment your current interior and exterior backdrop.

Smoke outlet panels can arrive in a glazed or non-glazed state depending on your preference or current decor. We can pre-cast at our site or cast in situ depending on the weather and surroundings and also dependant on the levels of the surrounding property areas.

Our technical experts will also consider many other factors when designing, manufacturing and installing your Smoke Outlet Panels! Factors like property usage, property foot-fall or even the potential future shrinkage or expansion due to property movement or the weather.

Our team has many years of experience in the design and fitting of Smoke Outlet Panels. Each panel is manufactured in a way to complement its current surroundings. Each panel is also built with only the best quality products and materials.

Our specialist design team will make sure that the Smoke Outlet Panels take into account nearby structures and other aspects like waterfall or gutter rain.

It is paramount that water does not ingress into the panels and we have spent many years perfecting our specialist sealants to keep running water out. Get in touch for a no obligation free quotation!


All installations are guaranteed and come with a warranty. The length of that warranty reflects the type of product and property or area it is fitted, as well of the client usage so please ask before ordering. We pride ourselves on the quality of construction of our products and customers love our guaranteed service throughout the UK for residential and industrial clients. Contact UK Pavement Light today for more information!


It is vital that clients are happy with our services and this is reflected in our repeat business. As a Smoke Outlet Panel Business, it is our duty to provide not only quality products but safe products too and all of our basement related services conform to British standards as well as health & safety standards.