We, at UK Pavement Light Manufacture Limited,indulge in the quality installation of pavement lights, smoke outlet from basement, fire escapes and cellar flaps. We have the competence to install them in residential buildings as well as commercial properties. Beyond installation, we also extend our services for maintenance and repair of our products, whether planned or emergencies. Restoring and replacing cast iron pavement lights for historical and listed buildings also fall under our service umbrella. Let’s discuss our products and services in detail.

Fire Escape Hatches Manufacture And Installation

Manufactured to comply with building regulations, our fire escape hatches come with gas support struts and spring loaded security bolts of standard grade.They are available as single or double leaf, and can be installed as per left or right hand opening provision.The products also come with steel staircases attached tohandrails. The hatches can be availed as glazed concrete with glass lenses, or plain concrete, or even the much-coveted durbar finish.UK Pavement Light Manufacture Limited also offers maintenance services for the same.

Cellar Flap Fabrication

We specialise in fabricating cellar flaps to make access to escape hatches easy. These products are available in Steel as well as Aluminium Chequer Plate and come with Steel frame sand gas struts. Our cellar flaps are a convenient entrance and exit way for personnel motion as well as goods movement. They are high performance and can resist wear and tear to a great extent.

Maintenance, Repairs, And Reseals


At UK Pavement Light Manufacturing Limited, we undertake remedial maintenance and repair tasks for our products. This apart, you can also seek alteration, repair, and replacement services on your existing pavement fitting. Require resealing your pavement lights? We can help you keep away water ingress by resealing lights with a hot pour bitumen sealer.Furthermore, in the case an individual damaged component requires repair or replacement, including glass lens, and air vents, remember that we are just a phone call away.